If you are interested in joining the Silk team, we are accepting applications for full-time and part-time positions for the following:

Waitstaff, Cashier (Receptionist), Security (Floor Host), Bartender, Bar-back.

Please email your resume and position you are interested in to info@silkexotic.com


Any entertainers can come audition at any of our locations Monday thru Thursday during open hours.


We suggest arriving at 7pm and being ready for an audition by 7:30pm. This applies to all 4 locations: Silk Platinum, Silk Madison, Silk Downtown MKE and Silk On Water. Please note that auditions are not guaranteed.


An audition is dancing on stage as well as being informally interviewed by the entertainment coordinator. All entertainers have to be 18 yrs of age and have a valid govt-issued ID to present at the time of audition. No experience necessary. Entertainers set their own schedules.


All 3 Milwaukee locations are topless.

Madison location is nude.


You can wear whatever you are comfortable in. Most dancers do wear high heels.


Entertainment Directors at each location can be contacted for more info regarding auditions and all other entertainer details.

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